Tour Guide Thoughts: Brooke

Posted on Friday, March 29th, 2019


Name: Brooke Evans

Program: Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Biomedical Science

Tour Guide Year: 1









What’s your favourite memory from U of G?

There are so many favorite memories I have from U of G! I’d have to say one of the best memories was painting the cannon, a.k.a Old Jeremiah, in my first year with my residence floor! There is a lot of history and tradition here at the University of Guelph and meeting up with fellow gryphons, camping out until sundown with cans of paint, painting our creation on the cannon, camping out until sunrise the next day to guard our painting, and ultimately take part in an ongoing tradition that was established over 65 years ago is definitely an experience I’ll never forget!

Coolest thing about your program & favourite class you’ve taken so far?

Definitely the coolest thing about my program would be the wide range of courses that I can take that all seem to focus around my general interests in the health field. I’ve taken courses that range from molecular and cellular biology to pathology of disease to biochemistry to pharmacology, to human physiology to human anatomy and so many more. My favorite course I have taken so far in my undergrad would definitely be my Human Anatomy dissection course. Having the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned in our anatomy lectures to various human cadavers in our dissection lab, is a way of learning and discovery that goes far beyond what any textbook can teach. Working alongside small groups and passionate technicians I’ve been able to view the human body and anatomical concepts in a whole new depth and this experience has influenced such a greater appreciation and respect I have for those who donate their body to science and education.

What’s your go-to spot on campus?

My go to spot on campus would have to be The Bullring. The Bulling is a student run coffee shop/pub that is very central to campus and a lot of my classes so I always find it pretty quick to access, especially during the cold winter months. The food is AMAZING at the Bullring and very reasonably priced. Their homemade mac and cheese is definitely one of my favs! I also love the relaxed vibe and great music they play at the Bullring, and their open mic nights every Wednesday is definitely a fun time!

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

Yes I am! Along with being a Tour Guide, I’ve been a student ambassador and Orientation Volunteer for 2 years and I’ve volunteered with the Guelph Relay 4 Life committee as well as the Human Anatomy Outreach program. I’ve also been involved in various intramural sports, such as girls volley-ball, co-ed multi-sport and co-ed bubble soccer and I’m also on the Gryphons Powder Puff flag football team.

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

Prior to choosing U of G, I toured various schools and spoke to various tour guides, and what stood out the most about my Guelph tour was definitely the enthusiasm and passion that my tour guide had for U of G. I remember vividly my tour guide sharing not only the amazing features that Guelph had to offer, but their personal stories and memories they created on the campus, as well as their love for the close-knit university community, and friendly vibe that spread across campus. As a visiting high school student, hearing those personal experiences and reasons why my tour guide personally loved Guelph, definitely influenced my decision to come here and within the first few weeks of being a Gryphon, I knew that I too wanted to show off the school that I came to love to other incoming students and make as much of an impact on them as my tour guide did on me.

What is your favourite thing about being a tour guide/what's the best thing you’ve experienced while being a tour guide?

One of my favorite things about being a U of G tour guide is making those initial connections with visiting students and their families and seeing their interests and curiosities about U of G instantly grow throughout the tour. I love sharing the attractive features of the University of Guelph, along with my own fun and humorous stories involved with being a Gryphon. Along with emphasizing the University of Guelph, I also enjoy sharing tips and advice for students choosing a school and going into the first year of university in general. I know when I was coming into first year, no matter what school I was going to choose, I had lots of questions about how to prepare and what to expect. On my tours, I really enjoy helping students gain a bit more insight and relieve some of their stresses by giving them tips and advice on how to prepare and make the most out of their university experience.

Why should students come for a tour?

Students should definitely come for a tour of the University of Guelph, as this is the best way to truly feel the friendly and relaxed vibe that the U of G students and university community portrays. By coming for a tour you’ll get to not only experience the campus and the beautiful buildings, but you’ll also get to meet some pretty cool Gryphons who will share their personal experiences and reasons of why you should become a part of the Gryphon family.

What’s your favourite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

I would say my favourite stop on my tours would be the Athletic Centre. As soon as we enter the building, the students and families are always amazed by the size and architecture of the building, and the rock climbing wall always gets the group pretty excited too. I also love seeing the range of expressions I receive when I explain my experience working in the human anatomy lab, as a lot of people are usually shocked and intrigued that this is offered at the undergraduate level.

What made you apply & pick U of G?

I picked U of G for many reasons, but I truly love the size of the campus and the friendly community vibe I experienced throughout my visits. I loved the passion that the students I connected with had for the school and I was definitely interested in the unique courses that were offered throughout my program. I also love the amount of nature and greenery that spreads across our campus.

What advice do you have for Future Gryphons (or their families)?

My advice would be to get involved with whatever interests you at U of G. Joining academic/extracurricular clubs, sports teams, organizations and various councils are all great ways to meet new people and provide a great outlet from your studies. Also, time management is key in university. Being able to distinguish when and what you’re going to study can definitely decrease stress levels when assignments and midterms start to build up, and meeting with a peer mentors and various other services offered here at Guelph can help you with this skill. Lastly, don’t hesitate to go to professor’s office hours if you have any questions about course material, upcoming exams or university in general, they are all very welcoming and friendly people and a great way to make connections for any future research or volunteer opportunities.

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