Attention Future Gryphons: Today is the Early Application Deadline!

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


If you are a Canadian high school student hoping to be considered in our early round of admissions, please submit your application through OUAC today. These early offers will be appearing in mailboxes from late January – early February.

In this first round of offers we are looking at your top six completed 4U/M courses, including required subjects. Where not available, we will use a combination of the top six completed 4U/M and 3U/M courses, including required subjects. Offers in this round are typically made to applicants with an admission average exceeding the estimated cut-off range for the program applied to.

For a full explanation of when offers go out, what grades are used when, and what the cut-offs will be, check out our Admission Plan webpage.
The regular application deadline for Canadian applicants is March 1, 2019 so if you can’t apply today, you do still have time. Just keep in mind you won’t be hearing from us until later in March, at the earliest.

The deadline for international applicants to apply for fall 2019 admission is Thursday, February 15, 2019. International applicants can visit the Admission Services website for details on how to apply and check our calendar for additional information on upcoming deadlines.

That’s it for reminders today #FutureGryphons. Be sure to check out our recent article on upcoming deadlines for things to keep in mind as we move through the application cycle.    

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