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Program Spotlight: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 11:08

So you want to be a vet? Lucky for you, today we are serving up 10 key facts about the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program here at Guelph.

Settle in Future Vets…

Fact #1: You can apply to DVM after you’ve completed 2 years of your undergrad

You must complete at least two years of undergraduate study before applying to DVM. Students typically apply in their 3rd year of their undergraduate degree. You may choose to complete your full degree or even go on to do a Master’s degree before applying, but this is not required.

Fact #2: You can complete your undergrad at ANY accredited university!

Before applying to DVM, you can study at any accredited university as long as you complete the 8 prerequisite courses and meet the additional admission requirements.

Work to complete the requirements and your application will be of equal value to anyone else, at any other school, in any other program.

Fact #3: You can join our Future Vets Club

If you DO decide to attend the U of G for your undergrad, you’ll have the chance to join the Future Vets Club! They host info sessions, help students find volunteer placements and offer support and guidance to undergraduate students intending to apply to vet school!

Fact #4: There is no specific program or major required to apply to DVM

It’s all about those prerequisites and admission requirements! Choose a program and major that allow you to take all the prerequisite courses and you’ll be just fine.

We also encourage you to take a major that you’re sincerely interested in, just in case your plans change in the future.

Fact #5: Experience is about QUALITY not QUANTITY

There is no specific number of hours of animal/clinical experience required to be considered for admission. Ensure your animal experience gives you solid exposure to the veterinary field, that you develop strong connections and that you feel confident working in the field.

Quality experience = working with different species, under a vet supervisor, in a lab or government setting. Pet ownership does not count for experience – we know, we love our pets, too.

Fact #6: BOTH grades and the experience/references listed on your Background Information Form (BIF) are used to determine your eligibility

Your experience will help you nail that interview, which determines 35% of your ranking, and your academic performance will determine the other 65%!

Check out the Future Students section of the Ontario Veterinary College website for a better breakdown of the admission process.

Bonus Fact: The MCAT is no longer required for applicants. You’re welcome.

Fact #7: The Ontario Veterinary College ranks #1 in Canada and 6th in the world for Veterinary Science!

When you join the OVC, you are joining a world leading college in veterinary healthcare, learning and research.

Our DVM program is also accredited by the Canadian and American Veterinary Medical Associations.

Fact #8: The DVM program prepares you to work with a diverse range of animals

In your 3rd year of DVM, YOU get to decide which “stream” you want to pursue.

Want to work with Small Animals? You can do that! Interested in Rural Community Practice? We’ve got you. Super into Food Animals? You’re in the right program! Equine? Yup! Exotics? You betcha!

In 4th year you’ll complete clinical rotations, so you can schedule rotations based on your interests.

Fact #9: Become a fully licensed veterinarian

After graduating, you will write your Licensing Exam which will ‘declare’ you a fully licensed vet, and from there you can pursue a wide variety of options, such as:

  • Clinical Practice
  • The Public Sector
  • Complete a Residency for further specialization
  • Further your education (Master’s, PhD)

Fact #10: Competitive? Yes. Impossible? NO!

In total, 120 students are admitted into DVM each year.

  • 100 Canadian Undergraduate
  • 15 International Undergraduate
  • 5 Graduate

Study hard, get those prerequisites, and have some fun while getting animal experience!

There you have it friends, the facts about DVM at U of G! For more information on the program and applying, visit the Ontario Veterinary College’s website!

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