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Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management

Posted: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 09:00

Are you interested in studying science, technology and business management, all while learning how you can improve our world’s resources? Look no further than our Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) program!

BBRM is broken into three distinct majors: Environmental Management, Equine Management and Food Industry Management. Each major can be customized to suit your interests and goals through various science and business electives, field trips, research positions and summer jobs.

Let’s break down each major so you can find your niche!

Environmental Management

This major is best for students who want to play a role in protecting our environment and natural resources. It combines applied environmental science and technology with business training focused on leadership, remediation and regulation.

First year courses introduce topics like biodiversity, Canadian business management, financial accounting, environmental economics, environmental law and policy and more!

U of G Environmental Management graduates have gone on to become environmental consultants, environment protection officers and environmental policy analysists!

Equine Management

This one is for all of you horse lovers! In this major, students will learn about the biology, physiology and behaviour of horses while also covering horse handling and routine care. The business element of this major provides a hands-on learning approach to becoming a leader in equine-associated industries and businesses.

First year courses explore the biology of plants and animals in managed ecosystems, financial accounting, principles of animal care and welfare, microeconomics and much more.

After graduation you’ll be well-prepared for a career in breeding and foaling, equine event management, equine nutrition consulting or equine marketing, sales and promotion.

Food Industry Management

This new major was created in response to the growing food science and manufacturing industry in Canada. Students will develop a multidisciplinary skill set and gain a solid background in food science, economics and business.

In your first year you will take courses on biological concepts of health, molecular and cellular biology, business mathematics, chemistry and financial accounting.

Prepare for a future career in research and food product development, food production, operations management, food safety management, logistics and more. Study in the co-op stream and gain even more hands-on experience!

Join the Ontario Agricultural College and learn how you can lead the charge in improving our world’s resources with a Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management.

Visit the BBRM program page to learn more about our majors, first year courses, where our grads have worked and how to apply!

The Ontario Agricultural College website is also a great resource for discovering opportunities within the program.

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