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Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Science

Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 09:31

Science and Engineering Sunday is quickly approaching, so it’s about time we let you in on what the Bachelor of Science Program at U of G is all about.

At Guelph, we break things down into Biological sciences and Physical sciences.

The Biological Science programs explore all living things; from tiny organisms to large ecosystems and everything in between. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the environmental industry or applying to veterinary school, dental school or the healthcare field, Biological science is likely the right stream for you.

The Physical Science programs provide you with an understanding of the universe as a whole. You’ll look at the nature, substances, energy and matter surrounding living organisms. If you see yourself in the pharmaceutical industry or going on to do research in physics, chemistry or nanoscience, the Physical sciences are a great place to start!

Now that we’ve defined our two Science streams, let’s go over some “need-to-knows” about Science at U of G.

1. We offer 27 different science majors

Whether you are interested in human health, nutrition, earth sciences, chemical sciences, physics, mathematics etc. we likely have a program for you!

With so many options available in Science at U of G, we recommend visiting the Programs of Study page to research each major individually and find the right fit for you.

2. Co-op is available in 11 science majors

These majors include: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biological and Medical Physics, Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Nanoscience, Physics, Biomedical Toxicology, and Food Science.

New in 2019, the Marine and Freshwater Biology major will also offer co-op!

3. Our common first year will help you succeed

Our science students take the same core science courses in first year, so everyone is on the same page about the basics. This sets our students up for success in later years so nobody is playing “catch up” in biology, chemistry and physics classes.

This also allows you to explore different subjects and discover your true passions, so you can be sure you are in the major that best suits your interests!

4. We Offer Hands-on Learning Experiences

From experimenting in the lab to on/off campus research and volunteering positions, there is no shortage of hands-on learning opportunities at the U of G! For example, our Human Anatomy course gives Human Kinetics and Bio-med students the opportunity to dissect human cadavers; which are donated from the local community.

5. We are Canada’s #1 university for research dollars

U of G attracts roughly $146 million dollars in annual research funding – That’s more money than any other university in Canada without a medical school!

From DNA barcoding to studying the effects of climate change on vegetation, there is no shortage of interesting research happening both on and off campus at Guelph. Learn how you can become involved in research at Guelph by visiting our Office of Research website.

Future Gryphons, you should probably visit us at Science & Engineering Sunday to tour campus, residence and educational buildings, and meet faculty and students within your program(s) of interest. Register today!

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