Fact Friday Episode 1 – Application Advice

Posted on Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Fact #1: Remember to look out for Alternate Offers

It’s always good to have a back-up plan, which is why we’ve built one into our most popular programs.

For example, if you are inadmissible to the Bio-Medical Science and/or the Human Kinetics majors, we’ll automatically consider you for Biological Science.

Same goes for Criminal Justice and Public Policy (we’ll automatically consider you for General Arts).

Interested in a major that has co-op, but not sure if you should apply? Go for it! Even if you don’t meet the cut-off for the co-op program, we’ll still consider you for the non-co-op stream. You’re welcome.

Check out our Alternate Offers page for more details.

Fact #2: You should shoot for the stars

Our estimated cut-offs are exactly that – estimates.

Because we can’t predict the quantity and quality of our applications, we advise you to aim for the high end of our estimated cut-offs to be on the safe side.

If you think your average may fall within or just below the range, we highly advise you to fill out the Student Profile Form (SPF) which you can find on our website. The SPF will only be looked at in the final round of offers in mid-May, so until then, keep working!

Fact #3: It’s best to apply directly for co-op

While you can apply to the co-op program during your first year of study, it’s definitely much easier and less stressful to apply straight from high school. And remember, even if you don’t make the Co-op cut-off, you’ll be considered for the non-co-op stream!

Fact #4: You’re going to want to read our admission plan

Wondering which grades we use to calculate your admission average? Our Admission Plan takes the guesswork out of that for you. Head to the Admissions website to review our offer rounds.

Fact #5: You will only receive one offer

Applying to multiple majors within the same degree program will NOT increase your chances of getting accepted to the U of G. If your admission average meets the requirements, you will only be admitted to your first choice of program. Therefore, it’s important that if you apply to multiple programs at the U of G, you rank them in order of preference.

For more application tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Snapchat and Instagram and watch our stories on the daily. Your next opportunity to chat with us is on Tuesday, November 27th so visit our website for instructions on how to access the chat and get your questions answered.

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