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Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 11:47

In the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, you will learn about natural and social systems and use your understanding to design attractive, functional and sustainable outdoor spaces.

If you want to become a key player in the way our cities, suburbs and wilderness areas are designed and managed, check out these five facts about our BLA program here at Guelph:

Fact #1: Become a Designated Landscape Architect

The U of G BLA program is fully accredited by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

This means that when you graduate, you’ll hold a professional degree that meets entry requirements into professional associations for Landscape Architects across North America and abroad.

Fact #2: Classmates = Community

Our BLA students spend a lot of time together, both in and out of the studio. You’ll feel a strong sense of community the moment you arrive! Develop lifelong friendships and network in this small, close-knit program.

Fact #3: You can study abroad

In third year, our BLA students are encouraged to do an international exchange at one of our 20+ partner programs.

You can dive into this amazing opportunity and be inspired by landscapes and designs outside of Canada.

Fact #4: A place to call home

Our BLA students have their own building complete with classrooms, studios and computers, which students can access 24/7.

BLA students can also draw inspiration from around campus, particularly from our Arboretum which spans 162 hectares and includes almost every tree and shrub indigenous to southern Ontario!

Fact #5: You’ll get hands-on experience

Gain design experience with real clients through community-based studio projects, internships and summer employment opportunities.

Because of these experiences our BLA alumni have gone on to work all over the world! Visit the BLA program page for a list of projects our students have worked on.

Looking for more reasons to choose BLA at U of G? Check out the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development.

Head to our YouTube channel and check out our Program Profile Videos to hear from students in the BLA program!

Please note that students are required to submit a Background Information Form as part of their application to the BLA program. This form will be available after December 1, 2018 and the deadline for submission is March 1, 2019.

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