2018 Road Warrior Series: Jess Helwig

Posted on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Jessica HelwigName: Jessica Helwig

Program: Bachelor of Science, Bio-Medical Science; Master of Public Health

What is your favorite thing about U of G? What was your most memorable experience here?

The atmosphere felt around campus is definitely something I’d highlight. The campus is always buzzing with activity and offers many chance to become engaged in activities important to you. The students are passionate and a strong sense of community can be easily witnessed. U of G is definitely an energizing and dynamic place to be, which really enhances the overall experience of university.

I couldn’t mention the sense of belonging felt at U of G without mentioning my intramural soccer team, “Goal-Post Malone”. What started out as a group of strangers wanting to play soccer, turned into a dedicated team that worked together…to lose every game of the season. While we weren’t very good, I always looked forward to our games. It wasn’t that I looked forward to facing yet another defeat, but rather I just enjoyed hanging out with a group of people who cheered for every shot whether it went in the net or not. The soccer field turned into a place where I could let loose and just have a great time with friends.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

Throughout my studies, I was involved in just about every type of student experience U of G has to offer- from student government and program student associations to intramural sports and clubs. I also had two part-time jobs, which allowed me to stay engaged with both the campus and larger Guelph community. However, I would have to say my favourite experience was being a University Senator, where I was able to represent students in my program and contribute to the development of academic programs and policies.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

After completing two degrees and spending six years on campus, I was still not ready to leave the University of Guelph. Becoming a Liaison Officer not only meant I could continue being a part of this dynamic and supportive community, but also meant I could share it with others and help to welcome in the next generation of Gryphons!

This fall, I am excited to bring the spirit and excitement of Guelph to communities across Ontario. I look forward to showing you the endless opportunities available to you during your time here and highlight how U of G makes learning accessible for everyone.

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Be open to new ideas and say yes to any opportunities that could teach you something new. When deciding on a University, learning what you don’t want in an institution is just as important as finding out what you do!

Anything else to add?

I always recommend that students come for a campus tour. It’s a great way to help you picture yourself as a student at university and get a feel for the campus. However, if you do, I also highly recommend that you also stop by the Bullring and try their famous mac and cheese.

I also want to say that there is a lot of choice available when it comes to university, but don’t be discouraged if you aren’t sure what exactly you want to do. I didn’t know what I wanted and ended up changing my program four times during my time in university before I finally found out what works for me. So while I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to study in high school, I knew I wanted to study at U of G because they offered an environment that would support me while I explored my interested and figured out my own path.

Jess is really looking forward to meeting you on the road, and this weekend at the Ontario Universities' Fair! Hear it for yourself by following 'uofgadmission' on Instagram. 

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