Tips Tuesday – Episode 8: Fill Out the SPF!

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

If you haven’t submitted your Student Profile Form (SPF) yet, what are you waiting for? Today we’re telling you exactly what you need to know about this valuable addition to your U of G application.

Tip #1: You Only Get One Chance!

You can only submit the SPF once, so make sure you’ve got all of your information ready when you sit down to complete the form. Preview the form, craft your answers and be sure to spell check before submitting!

Tip #2: Get Your References Ready

The last section of the SPF is for you to provide references we can contact to verify your information. You’ll need one school reference (i.e. a teacher, guidance counsellor or principal), and one community reference (i.e. a coach, mentor, etc.).

Tip #3: Know Your Numbers

Your OUAC ID (11 digits) and your University of Guelph ID (7 digits) are both required.

Not sure where to find them? They’ll be in the email that you received after you applied to U of G!

Tip #4: Tell us everything you think we should know

We review the SPF’s during the third and final round of offers. We want to see what sets you apart including extra-curricular interests and activities, volunteer positions, honours and awards.

But what if there are things, that aren’t quite so lovely, that have directly impacted your academic performance? There’s room to include all of that too, and it will be taken into consideration should your admission average fall within a discretionary range of the determined program cut-off.

Tip #5: If you have an offer you don’t need to fill out the SPF

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve received an offer from us, congrats! Check out our Gryphon Bucket List article to see what you can look forward to as a U of G student!

Tip #6: Submit the SPF by the May 1st deadline!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process any SPF’s after the May 1 deadline so get it completed and submitted!

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