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Tips Tuesdays – Episode 3: Application Tips

Posted: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - 14:39

Tip #1: Lookout for Our Alternate Offers

It’s always good to have a back-up plan, which is why we’ve built one into many of our most popular programs.

Applying to Biomedical Science? Then don’t also apply for Biological Sciences! If you miss out on Biomedical Science, we’ll automatically consider you for Biological Science.

Same goes for Criminal Justice and Public Policy (we’ll automatically consider you for General Arts).

Interested in a major that has Co-op, but not sure if you should apply? Go for it! Even if you don’t meet the cut-off for the Co-op program, we’ll still consider you for the non-Co-op stream. If you meet the requirements to the regular program, you’ll receive an alternate offer to it! You’re welcome.

Tip #2: Look beyond Our Estimate Cut-off Ranges

While our estimated-cutoffs offer a target range to shoot for in grade 12, don’t get too obsessed with these numbers.

We advise you to aim HIGHER just to be on the safe side. And if you realize that your average may fall within or just below the range, we highly advise that you fill out the Student Profile Form (SPF). The SPF will only be looked at in the final round of offers in mid-May, but until then, keep working!

Tip #3: To Apply (to Co-op), or not to apply? APPLY!

While you can apply to the Co-op program during your first year of study, it’s definitely much easier – and less stressful – to apply straight from high school. And remember, even if you don’t make the Co-op cutoff, you’ll be considered for the non-Co-op stream!

Tip #4: READ Our Offer Schedule

Not sure what marks we’ll be looking at…and when? Check out our handy Admission Plan, which outlines everything for you – plain and simple – so you don’t have to guess.

Tip #5: Don’t put all of Your Eggs in One Basket

We know it might be difficult to choose between Animal Biology, Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and Zoology, but applying to multiple majors within the same degree program will NOT increase your chances of getting in!

Why? Because the admission average required for them all is the exact same and we’ll only admit you to one (i.e. the program you listed first).

We’ve got you covered, though! Once you’re admitted to a program, it’s usually very simple to change your major – just have a chat with your Program Counsellor.

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