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Picking YOUR University

Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 14:26

The Ontario Universities' Application Centre is now open! Not ready to commit to deciding which universities and programs you’d like to apply to?

We’re here to help.

Visit Campus – ASAP

How will you know whether a university is the right fit for you until you step onto campus? Picture yourself there – in the lecture halls, in the residences, grabbing lunch in the dining halls, studying in the library – just picture it.

You’ll feel right away whether it is your place. Trust us!

Of course we think the University of Guelph is where you should be! Come “feel” it for yourself at our Fall Preview Day or Science & Engineering Sunday.

Or, come checkout campus on one of our tours that run throughout the semester.

Do Your Research, Friends

Yes, feeling comfortable on campus is very important. But, the university also needs to offer programs that match your interests.

Websites house all information. Let’s face it – you’re on your phone the majority of the day anyways, so why not browse university programs and see what piques your interest?

Look into what programs are offered under which degree, what courses you’ll be taking, potential career paths, and if there are any cool “extras” like co-op, internships, field courses or study abroad options.

Relax, Look at Your Options

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do right out of the gate.

Universities understand that your interests might lie in a few different areas, or that your interests may change after a year…or two. When you’re researching, look for flexibility.

How easy is it to switch programs/majors? Can I apply to a general program, then pick my major? Can I take a minor? What about electives? Or, can I combine my interests into one degree?

At U of G, we offer you all of that. Most of our programs have a general first year, so switching majors is SIMPLE.

You should also checkout our Bachelor of Arts & Sciences program, our large list of minors, or look for our “general degrees” or “undeclared” options in some of our programs.


We live in a very social world, don’t we? Instagramming your memories, tweeting throughout the day, snapchatting your life events… we get it. And we’re with you!

Universities are active in the social world. You can ask them questions, get a feel for student life, visualize campus and stay up to date on important information. Stay connected.

Follow U of G on each of the platforms below and we promise to keep you informed… and entertained.

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