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2017 Road Warrior Series: Sarah

Posted: Monday, September 18, 2017 - 14:40

Sarah StefoffIntroducing Sarah, a very enthusiastic Road Warrior that can't wait to spread her love for U of G all over Ontario.

What is your favourite thing about U of G? What was your most memorable experience here?

My favourite thing about U of G is the family-vibe. Everyone one is so welcoming and you always feel at home. The campus is vibrant and beautiful; you always feel connected with nature.

My most memorable experience was probably my semester abroad in India where I was able to share a lifechanging experience with other U of G students. U of G follows you no matter where you are in the world.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

Vice President of Academics for the International Development Society, working in the fitness centre, orientation week volunteer, student volunteer connections, peer helper program, worked for the Central Student Association as a poster runner, athletic clubs (intramurals, dragon boat racing, dance, the running club). So much!

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

This was the ultimate job for me. I get to go share with you the best experience and decision I’ve made in my life - and get paid for it! I am hoping to make it a bit easier for you to make your choice. I am so excited to interact with graduating students and explore new areas of this beautiful province.

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Visit campus, do your research and make the best decision for you. Don’t choose based on where your friends are going, or what others are telling you. I know it sounds cheesy but in the words of Cascada, "listen to your heart."

I would also say to get involved on campus, participate as much as you can; it’s a great way to make new friends and realize your own passions.

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