Round 3 - Top 10 FAQ's

Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 12:09

1. When will I know if I’m getting an offer of admission or not? How will I find out?

We will continue to make decisions over the next 2-3 business days. All students will see their application status online at no later than Thursday, May 26. Students who are receiving an offer of admission will also receive an offer package in the mail.

2. Are you sending out offers for all programs yet?

Offers to all of our programs, including Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, have or will be going out in our third round, which is currently being processed.

3. What's the cut-off average for the program I applied to?

Cut-offs vary by program and are dependent on the quality and quantity of applications.  If your admission average meets the final cut-off for any of the programs you applied to at U of G, you will be receiving an offer from us.

4. I didn’t get an offer to the program I applied to, but rather to something else. Can you tell me why?

If you applied to a major but have received an offer to an alternate major, please rest assured that we considered your application carefully before making you this alternate offer.

Certain majors (such as Criminal Justice and Public Policy, Bio-Medical Science, Human Kinetics, and all Co-op programs) have a higher admission average than most majors within their respective program, and while you maybe didn’t quite meet that cut-off, your average met the cut-off for a similar major within the program, and your offer of admission will reflect that.

5. What about the Student Profile Form (SPF) I filled out? How will that be used?

Your SPF will be considered if your average falls within a discretionary range of the final cut-off (up to 5%). 

6. My average is above/within the cut off range. Why don't I have an offer?

Please realize that our published cut-off ranges are an estimate only, based on the admission averages from previous years, and are provided solely as a point of reference. 

7. How do I pay my deposit for residence?

Your $500 residence deposit can be paid in any of the following ways:

  • Online or Telephone Banking (through your own bank)
  • Money Order, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque (no personal cheques)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash or Interac (Debit Card) in person in our office.

For more information on deposit payment, visit the Student Housing Services website.

8. What about the deposit for tuition?

We require a minimum $200 deposit to be paid by August 11, 2017 to hold your place in your courses. This fee will be applied to your student account, which will be available to view as of July 26, 2017 on WebAdvisor.

Your deposit can be paid by internet or telephone banking, or in person. For a full list of methods of payment, please refer to Student Financial Services website.

9. I have accepted my offer to the U of G now what?

Woohoo – Congrats!! If you haven’t already, you should apply to residence (if you plan on living on campus) and pay the $500 deposit (see #5, above).

Once that’s out of the way, you should register for your Fall 2017 classes (exciting, right?!). The ‘add period’ for first year students is May 15 – July 5, and complete instructions can be found in the Registration Handbook for New Students.

10. I have accepted my offer, how long until I receive my registration package?

The registration handbooks are being sent out on an ongoing basis as students accept their admission offers, so if you’ve accepted your offer but haven’t received the registration handbook yet, keep an eye out for it too!

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