FAQs: The April Edition

Posted: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 10:08

We know that you’ve got lots of questions right now, so we’ve decided to compile a list of the top five questions (and the answers to those questions!) we’ve been fielding in Admission Services lately, and the answers to help ease your mind!

Q1. What will the exact cut-off average be for the program I’ve applied to? What was the cut-off last year?

This is often a two-part question, and the answers are a) we don’t know yet, and b) we aren’t able to tell you. The cut-off averages for each program won’t be finalized until sometime in May, and it’s not our practice to release those averages. You can rest assured that if your admission average meets the required average, your application was/will be fully considered. Also keep in mind that we will consider other factors, such as the Student Profile Form (SPF), in the third round of offers, so the averages of admitted students will vary.

Q2. I applied to Co-op, but I was admitted to the regular program. How do I get co-op?

If your application to Co-op wasn’t successful in one of our earlier rounds, don’t worry! We’ll be reassessing all Co-op applications again in our third round of offers in May. If we’re still unable to offer you Co-op then, you’ll have another opportunity to apply for Co-op during your first year of studies at Guelph. Eligibility for admission to Co-op as a first year Guelph student is subject to availability within Co-op and your university grades.

Q3.  I have an offer of admission to (insert program) at Guelph, but have now realized that I would rather study (insert program). Is it too late to switch my application?

You still have time to be considered for another program at Guelph! To do so, you need to log into your OUAC account and either re-order or add your new “highest choice” program at Guelph to be a higher choice than the Guelph program to which you have already received an offer of admission. You MUST do this no later than April 17 in order to be considered for the new program, however! Once we receive this amendment through OUAC, we’ll consider your higher choice and notify you once a decision has been made.

Q4. I have an offer from another Ontario university. I’m still waiting for Guelph to get back to me – should I accept the other offer?

If you accept an offer from another university, we’ll still consider your application in our next, and final, round of offers in May. However, no Ontario university can require you to accept or decline an offer prior to the June 1 common response deadline. If you later decide that you want to accept an offer from Guelph, you may do so through OUAC, but know that doing so will void another offer you’ve accepted. It is critical that you decide and accept the offer you wish to claim by the June 1st deadline.

Q5. Why haven’t I been admitted yet? My grades are higher than the estimated cut off average.

The “estimated range” is just that; the range is based on the averages of admission averages from previous years, and is provided only as a point of reference. Our admission averages change with each round of offers, and determined by the number and quality of applicants, as well as space available in each program. In our third round of offers, we’ll also be considering your Student Profile Form (SPF), if you submitted one before the May 1 deadline. Also, please note that no program will fill before the third round of offers.

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