Why Computing @ Guelph?

Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 11:14

Let us tell you why.

Reason #1: New Research and Collaborative Spaces

U of G will receive $30million from the federal and provincial governments to enhance our research and innovation facilities.

What does this mean for you? Reynolds, the “home” to the School of Computer Science, will get some pretty cool upgrades and new spaces for its students.

Reason #2: Programs = Families

There are 2 Bachelor of Computing degree programs:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Software Engineering

In both of these, you’ll find yourself working closely with your peers and professors. Because they are smaller than some of the other degree programs at Guelph, by the end of the four years you’ll be referring to everyone as “family”.

That’s what we hear, anyways.

Fun Fact: SOC also offers a 3-year General Program that students may apply to.

Reason #3: Both Programs Offer Co-op

It’s as simple as that. Obtain your degree, make industry connections, gain experience and get paid all at the SAME time.

If you haven’t applied to co-op, you can adjust your application on OUAC. Or, you can apply in your first year (it will be more challenging though, #futuregryphons).

Reason #4: Our Programs Are Unique

In both majors, you’ll gave an opportunity to study a secondary are of interest known as an “Area of Application”.

You’ll choose 8 courses from another discipline, and you have over 40 disciplines to choose from!

Some examples include:

  • Computing + Psychology: investigate the effects of computers on people (we all need this in our lives).
  • Computing + Biology: explore bioinformatics and solve complex biological problems.
  • Computing + Business: e-commerce anyone? Inventory management system? Customer databases?

Reason #5: You'll Get Involved

The School of Computer Science has some clubs, organizations and programs for you to get involved with.

    Reason #6: You Can Create Pixel Art

    The computing kids like to “decorate” their building. And they like to do so in the only way they know how – in a classic computing “style”.

    Up until a few months ago, it was Mario land. Now? They’ve made it more modern. Who wouldn't want to create pixel art?

    Reynold's Pixel ArtInterested in Computing @ Guelph? Join us for our online chat TONIGHT! You’ll chat with current students and faculty within the School of Computer Science.

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