Fact Fridays - Episode 6: Register Yo’Self for a March Break Tour

Posted: Friday, March 3, 2017 - 14:09

March Break Tours at U of G begin March 13. What better way to spend a day of your March Break than strolling around our campus?

Here are some facts for why you should register:

Fact #1: You’ll Feel the Atmosphere

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, there’s NO better way to know whether a school is right for you than to step onto campus.

Meet the people, eat the food, checkout the residence, touch the ground and witness what U of G means to its students – we know you won’t be let down.

Fact #2: You’ll See the NEW Athletic Centre

It’s here. It’s live. It’s ready for you to sweat in it.

Fact #3: Tour Groups Will Be Small

Because there are quite a few of you who will be coming to campus on March Break, we’ve brought on extra tour guides. What does this mean?

More tour guides = smaller groups. And what does this mean?

Smaller groups = more interaction.

You'll have more one-on-one with your guide, and more of an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Fact #4: You Have Free Time

It’s March Break. You a) can visit campus during the week, and b) don’t have to worry about going back to school after.

Touring campus during the week is the BEST time to. You get to see U of G’s students in their natural habitat: attending class, being studious in the library, running to hand in that assignment, buzzing throughout campus and living their typical student life.

This is how you picture yourself here! Hang out after the tour is over and get a true vibe for campus life.

Fact #5: You’ll See It All

As with our regular tours, you’ll visit residence, lecture halls, the library, the University Centre, and other academic areas.

You’ll also interact with our enthusiastic and passionate tour guides who are bound to convince you that U of G is where you need to be.
Tour Guides 2017Register for a March Break Tour and we will see you soon, #futuregryphons!

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