OUF Passport: WHY Should I Register For One?

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

You’re probably hearing “register in advance” on repeat for the upcoming Ontario Universities’ Fair. And then you’re probably thinking “nah, I don’t have to do that” or “nah, that’s too much work”.

Okay, maybe you’re right. But let us take a minute (or two) of your time, and tell you what’s in it for YOU when you do register.

1. All-Access Pass to Ontario Universities

When you register in advance for OUF, you will be given a personalized OUF passport. This passport (aka a barcode containing your information) is what you will scan at university booths.

But why would I scan? Scanning allows you to receive more information on the university, reminders about upcoming events, details surrounding important dates and invites to program-specific chats.
A very excited woman with her hands in the air.

Print, screen shot or save that barcode to your email so you can quickly access it.

2. Avoid the Chaos

There will be roughly 150,000+ students and parents through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre over the weekend.

Let us repeat that...150,000+! If you don’t register in advance, and thus don’t receive a passport, you’ll be saying hello to large crowds and waiting times.

These will be at the entrance ways when people decide to register then, AND, at university booths when you have to handwrite out your information. Handwrite! Wait, what?
Jimmy Fallon writing a note.

Avoid delays. Avoid rubbing up against people in crowds. And avoid frustration! Be on top of your game and register NOW friends.

3. Win FREE Stuff

This is likely the most important benefit of registering. When we scan your passport at U of G’s booth – you automatically win something!

Prizes include your classic U of G swag (lanyard, pens etc.) and…(drumroll please)…6 iPhone SE’s! You could be walking away from our booth with a new iPhone, and a smile.

You can still sign-up for more information without a passport (see #2) and win cool things, but a passport will simply make your day quicker, easier and more enjoyable.
A very happy and smiling man dancing with a puppy.

So really, we think the new question is “why haven’t you registered yet?”.  

See you there #futuregryphons!

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