Tips Tuesday – Episode 6: STARTInternational

Posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

In September, will you be coming to U of G as a new undergraduate international student, a new permanent resident to Canada, or an out-of-country Canadian? Then you’re in LUCK! STARTInternational is just for you.

This program is designed to introduce you to the campus, on-campus resources, the Guelph experience and other students who are also “new” to Canada and the University of Guelph. We’re here with and for you every step of the way in your social and academic transition.

Tip #1: Register by August 24th!

In order to save your spot in this 3-day event, you must register by the deadline! Don’t hesitate, friends.

Note: this event is not for you if you are starting the ESL program in September, or are a full-degree graduate student.

Tip #2: Jump on the Shuttle Bus at Toronto Pearson International Airport

U of G has arranged for a shuttle bus from the airport to the university for those students arriving on August 30th. The bus will do 3 trips: morning, afternoon and evening. There will also be a small fee, but registration is NOW LIVE. You do not want to MISS this.
Man dancing at the airport with fluorescent vest and directional lights.

Tip #3: Checkout Last Year’s Schedule

The STARTInternational 2016 schedule has yet to be confirmed, but to see what kinds of activities will be included, the 2015 schedule has what you need to know.

You can expect: food, shopping, GAMES, information sessions, food, a city tour, to meet some fantastic people…oh, did we mention food?

Tip #4: Be Sure to Have Canadian Money

Even though the majority of the program is free, some activities may be a small cost (i.e. lunches, dinners and activities off-campus). We highly recommend having some Canadian money easily accessible for when you land at the airport.


We understand that the cultural transition might be intimidating, but at U of G, we welcome diversity and strive to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable. We’re one big family, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

The Centre for International Programs is a great resource for you, and facilitates all opportunities that involve international students. It has helped establish the University of Guelph as a leader in internationalization.

See you soon!

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