Fact Fridays – Episode 6: Okay…So, Now What?

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Well, #futuregryphons, you did it! You’re now officially a gryphon. We’re so excited to welcome you to our family and for you to call U of G “home”. THIS IS SO EXCITING.
Hagrid from Harry Potter saying, "You're a Gryphon, Harry".The hard part is over, done…FINITO. So, what now? What’s on the agenda from now until you arrive in September? Sit tight, we got you #fam.

Fact #1: Student ID Cards Do NOT Get Mailed

  • Step 1: Submit a photo online before August 12,
  • Step 2: Pick up your student card from Enrolment Services on the 3rd floor of the University Centre! You should sometime during the summer, or during Orientation Week.

Note: Bring your passport or your birth certificate and a valid piece of government-issued photo ID. Please read the criteria thoroughly.

A man showing his ID and smiling like the photo.Fact #2: Direct ALL Financial Questions to Financial Services

Questions about OSAP? Financial Services. Questions about scholarships and awards? Financial Services. Financial aid questions? Financial Services. Billing or account questions? Financial Services.

See the trend?

Fact #3: STARTONLINE Has Begun!

STARTonline is the online home for new students and is your go-to for:

  • Fun facts on a range of necessary topics: how to meet people, how to make friends, what to expect, how to overcome barriers, and more! You know, the usual.
  • Answers to your pressing questions! Upper year students are on-hand to help.
  • The high school to university transition: information for your parents/families/supporters

All of this is coordinated by the Centre for New Students within U of G's Student Life, which also houses a ton of information on things like

Check back regularly for updates!

Fact #4: Residence Assignments Are Released July 14th!

We’re hoping you submitted your application and deposit by June 1st to guarantee yourself residence in first year! Your room and building assignment will be released on July 14th!

Check out the housing website for:

  • A must read breakdown of some common Q & A’s regarding room assignments
  • Their live chat where you can ask any questions you can’t find answers to
  • Links to their social media platforms, including their Tumblr…we give them HUGE props for this one.  

Pheobe from Friends saying "Wow."Fact #5: Course Registration is Open Until July 4th

The Registration Handbook for New Students that is mailed to you upon accepting your offer will be your best friend. Live it, learn it, love it.

New sections for each course will open up periodically until the end of the registration window to make it a fair selection process for everyone.

Questions about the course registration process? Definitely contact Enrolment Services.

Questions regarding specific courses or electives? Your program counsellor or website is where it’s at.

Fact #6: DON’T Forget About Graduation Kids!

We know you’re excited. We know you’re anxious. And we know you can’t WAIT to get here in 3 months. But we also know that graduation and meeting the conditions of your offers comes first.

It’s all about putting in work, and then basking in the benefits afterwards (i.e. prancing through Johnston green in September). Go out there and absolutely kill these last 3 weeks, and we will see you soon.

A confused boy saying "Is this real life?"

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