Gryphon Speak

Posted on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

We're thinking U of G should have its own dictionary. That, or these words should be added to the official Webster's dictionary...either, or. They accurately describe some of the feelings or things that make a Gryphon, a Gryphon.
MacFusion: that constant feeling of confusion between all of the buildings that start with "Mac" or "Mc".“Whenever I get my new class schedule, there’s a period of total macfusion while I figure out which building is which!”

Guelphie: a selfie taken in Guelph.“Check out this awesome guelphie I took with the gryphon statue!”

Saiting: the act of standing in a conspicuous fashion and holding a textbook while you wait to sell to another student. “It’s such a nice day to be saiting by the canon!”

Procrastigreening: avoiding all responsibilities by choosing to hang out on Johnston Green instead. “I should have started this essay way earlier, but I was procrastigreening.”

Studicane: when your room becomes a disaster during midterms and finals.“Uh, a huge studicane hit my room this week thanks to my physics midterm.”

Winegard Weaving: the act of maneuvering through students on Winegard Walk between classes.“I want to get my next class early, so I’ll be winegard weaving for sure!”

 Clunger: that hunger you develop when sitting in class (and pondering about what to get from Creelman at lunch!).“Man, how can I focus when I got a mean clunger going on!”

Libing: the act of studying in the library.“Libing all day today! I got a big exam tomorrow.”

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