Fact Fridays - Episode 5: Why Choose a B.A. At Guelph?

Posted on Friday, May 27th, 2016

By B.A. we mean Bachelor of Arts! These facts will definitely get you excited about pursuing a B.A. degree at Guelph!

FACT #1: HIST*1050 Invitation to History has the COOLEST topics.

This course is mandatory for ALL first year History majors and minors, and you get to select the topic that interests you the most out of the options – which vary per semester. For example, next years’ topics are:

  1. Licit and Illicit Drugs
  2. Polar Encounters
  3. Crime and Culture  

Cool right? We know.


FACT #2: It’s SUPER easy to switch majors.

As we mentioned, U of G’s Bachelor of Arts degree is very flexible! This means that if you find that your interests lie elsewhere once you’ve started, it’s a simple task to switch into another major. You might take some electives in International Development or Criminal Justice & Public Policy and find that you want to learn more about these areas.

There are so many B.A. degrees to dive into, from the classics (i.e. philosophy, history, geography) to other niche topics (i.e. Information Systems & Human Behavior, Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics or Mathematical Science). So, it is absolutely O.K. if you don’t know exactly what you want to do when you get here. In FACT, we encourage exploration! We’re here for you, kids.

FACT #3: Minors are very popular.

With flexibility comes the opportunity to take a minor. And, there are SO many! This is something that you would declare when you’re here, but for now you should see what we have to offer.

NEW in fall 2016 is the Media & Cinema Studies minor. We’re stoked about it.

FACT #4: Say Hello to Lawrence Hill

You may have heard that U of G has welcomed author Lawrence Hill to its B.A. faculty. He will be teaching creative writing beginning in July! His award-winning novel, The Illegal, is even being made into a t.v. mini-series. So, who wouldn’t want to be taught by him?

We LOVE the arts!

Bugs Bunny with hearts surrounding him.

Fact #5: UofG Has An Art Gallery RIGHT on Campus!

The Art Gallery of Guelph is located on the North end of campus, and presents over 12 regional, national and international exhibitions each year! It also houses the largest sculpture park at a public gallery in Canada, and a collection of over 9,000 works, including contemporary and inuit art. Did we say we LOVE ART?
The words "Art Attack" creatively written in paint, and slightly moving.

Fact #6: The Campus is Super Inspirational

In addition to witnessing the sculpture park on campus that displays creativity and passion, the historic and beautiful buildings, green spaces, greenhouses, and the people who support each other, learn from one another and who are driven to fight for causes they believe in will all surely inspire you in whatever area you're pursuing. UofG is motivation in itself.

A man yelling "no, what are you waiting for? Do it!"

FACT #7: EVERY Prime Minister with a formal university education has a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Each Prime Minister from 1896 to 2016 has held a B.A. degree, from Mathematics and Economics, to History and Sociology. The Prime Ministers prior to 1896 have a Bachelors’ or Doctors’ in Law (i.e. Sir John A. Macdonald, Wilfred Laurier, John Abbott), and those degrees are now considered B.A.’s in modern education.

And the moral of the story is? With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you have the ability to work in a LARGE variety of fields (the Prime Minister of Canada anyone?). Because of its broad scope, and flexibility, the amount of doors this degree opens for you is endless.

Justin Trudeau shaking his head.

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