11 Ways UofG Can Make You Smile in a Day

Posted on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

1. When the Cannon (Old Jeremiah) spreads hope&love.    

The canon painted in the France flag colors.

He feels what the world feels! Our cannon is a platform for expression and awareness.

2. When a puppy

kisses your hand.

Two puppies playing.

It’s impossible to not light up around animals.

3. When professor make ridiculous, but absolutely necessary, course-related puns.

The double helix with a pair of jeans on it. The caption is 'designer genes'.

This is gold. HOW CAN YOU NOT LAUGH?

4. When the Library motivates you to study.

A hershey kiss with a note that says don't let school stress get you down, have a kiss from one gryphon to another.

In amongst the studiousness, and learning, you will find that the community at Guelph is with you every step of the way; from encouraging messages & gifts, to stress busters and academic support.

5. When the squirrels are simply part of the UofG family.

They’re everywhere; and they want to be friends…and eat your food.

6. When Hospitality Services just KNOWS.

Halloween treats prepared by hospitality services.

The fellow students & staff will know your name, somehow schedule menu items that coordinate with your cravings, and well, they bake cookies. Cookies are 120% necessary.  

7. When the University Centre is the hot-spot.

Picture of the University Centre courtyard with vendor booths throughout.

Something is ALWAYS happening in UofG’s hub, whether it is an academic or educational fair, students encouraging involvement, vendors selling items from clothes to posters, or even a noon-hour concert!  

8. When the ‘Gryphon’ spirit is thriving.

A group of students running in the snow, holding snow balls, preparing for a snow ball fight. The student in the front is running with a Gryphon flag.

You’ll undoubtedly come across fellow gryphons promoting one of the many athletic teams or events (i.e. the Mitchell bowl this past weekend!), Gryph himself, or a casual & friendly “gryphon-esk” snowball fight.

9. When you look around and witness, embrace and appreciate UofG’s diverse community.

UofG is thrilled to welcome students from around the globe with a range of backgrounds. Every day, you'll be engaged in culture with students from more than 100 countries! That's pretty cool.

10. When you stroll through the arboretum.

Snow covered trea with sunlight.

Fresh air. Trees. Silence. Animals. Water. Silence. Trails. Disc Golf. Did we say silence? Nature’s beauty is enough to brighten everyone’s day.

11.  When someone is always returning that smile.

Take a walk through campus and you'll find a person smiling as they open the door for you, that person who bought you a coffee last week, or even, that guy with the most epic "Movember" mustache who caught you mid-air before you faceplanted on the ice. The struggle on black-ice is REAL.

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