2015 Road Warrior Series: Nicole Gazzola

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2015

In the final installment of the 2015 Road Warrior Series, we introduce (or re-introduce) you to a seasoned veteran of the recruitment team. Nicole Gazzola is the Admission Services' Liaison Officer for National & Transfer Recruitment, while also being the Admission Counsellor for Landscape Architecture and Turfgrass Management. A graduate from the Bachelor of Arts program, her knowledge of and dedication to the Guelph community is noteworthy. We are so excited (and lucky) that she has stuck with the team for so long! And you should be too!


What is your favourite thing about UofG?

Definitely the community! I came to Guelph because I loved the university and campus, but the community has kept me here long after graduation!

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at UofG.

I lived on campus the entire time I was a student. I was a Residence Assistant in Mountain Hall, a Sr. Residence Assistant in Maritime Hall and then held 2 executive positions on Interhall Council. My favourite day of the year was, and still is, move in day! The buzz of activity and excitement as a new year begins!

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer?

I didn't want to leave Guelph! I found an awesome opportunity and applied for it. What an amazing job - talk about the place that had such a huge impact on my life and help students find their perfect university.

What advice would you offer to potential UofG students?

Try new things, ask for help, meet new people, join a club, start a club,  step out of your comfort zone, explore the campus and city, talk to your professors and teaching assistants, read all the important emails the university sends you (I'm wearing my admission counsellor hat with that one), work hard, enjoy your journey, change lives and improve life!

If you're outside the borders of Ontario, you can expect Nicole to be coming your way (if she hasn't done so already!). Welcome her with open arms, she's a long way from home!

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