2015 Road Warrior Series: Thisakya Gunaratne

Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Thisakya, you can call her Tizy, has also been a Road Warrior for the University of Guelph a few years back. But yet again, she knew there's no place like 'home'! With her enthusiastic personality, and accompanying humour, she is bound to capture your attention when she arrives at your school. And, we're so excited to have her back on our team and heading on the road to share her passion for the Guelph community.

Tizy's head shot in the garden, yellow flowers behind her.

What is your favourite thing about UofG?

The sense of community was what drew me to Guelph most. I was never intimidated by the size of this school. As an international student, I had to make sure that I felt safe and at home. Students, staff, professors all made me feel welcome! Not to mention, the food is pretty fantastic!

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at UofG.

I was an O – Week volunteer for 3 consecutive years. Also a senior peer helper for the center for international programs, and the office of intercultural affairs, which allowed me to work with international students, like my self each semester. I got to know amazing world travelers from around the globe. Both departments focused a lot on providing students with transitional supports, and workshops on cultural differences. It was great to be a part of the programs because I could personally relate to it.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer?

This is my 3rd year as a Liaison Officer. The University of Guelph is so passionate about instilling positive change in others lives and that is exactly what I get to do with this job! I love working with students and parents and being in an environment where I know that I am helping another student in some capacity. Most of all, the travel is so much fun and interactive.

What advice would you offer to potential UofG students?

Try out new things! Guelph is designed to help you explore and test your potential. To name a few, make new friends, try a new sport and join a club! Step outside your comfort zone because that’s where life begins!

The school visits have STARTED. Meaning, Tizy could be arriving at your school...tomorrow! Get excited, and don't miss out on her sharing personal experiences about coming from an international country, her campus involvement and the environment at Guelph she knows so well and adores.

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