2015 Road Warrior Series: Bailey Thack

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Also stepping onto the 2015 Road Warrior team is Bailey Thack! Having graduated from the Tourism Management program at the University of Guelph, she couldn't stay away from the Guelph community and is looking forward to speaking with #futuregryphons about her time here.


What is your favourite thing about UofG?

The community feeling you get the moment you walk on campus.  Not only is it beautiful - taking in the fall sun on Johnston Green was one of my favourite weekend activities, but it's filled with amazing people who will make your time at Guelph memorable.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at UofG.

During my first year I was an Inter Hall Council Rep and UoG Ambassador in Johnston Hall. In upper years I played girls intramural hockey and got involved in the HTMSA.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer?

After living and working on Toronto, I missed the feeling of community and belonging so evident at Guelph, so I moved back to become a Liaison Officer. I am excited to me traveling around Ontario to share my passion for this community with students looking for the perfect fit for them.

What advice would you offer to potential UofG students?

Get out of your comfort zone - when you arrive at Guelph, you'll be surrounded by new people all excited to try new things! Take advantage of your new surroundings to try a new sport - inner tube water polo anyone? Or try a new club - maybe you'll excel at juggling in the Circus Club - whatever you choose, you're sure to meet new friends and have fun along the way.

She'll be coming to your community soon hoping to persuade you to join her community! UofG is excited to have you representing us, Bailey.

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