Guaranteed Admission Pathway (GAP)

If your English proficiency and/or grades do not meet admission requirements, you may wish to be considered for the Guaranteed Admission Pathway (GAP). The combination of the English Language Certificate Program (ELCP) and the Open Learning program provides a flexible option for guaranteed admission to our Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Save time by completing online courses toward your degree while you are completing your Advanced Certificate.

To be eligible to begin Open Learning degree-credit courses while completing the advanced level of ELCP, you must:

  • Have no previous post-secondary studies.
  • Achieve an overall average of 80% or higher in levels 7 and 8, or in levels 8 and 9.

Note that the GAP may also be done as a stand-alone upgrading program, if you do not meet the minimum admission requirements to your degree/major.

Visit OpenEd for more information.