British Patterned Education

General Certificate of Education (GCE) Requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 Advanced Level passes and 3 (I)GCSE (Ordinary Level) passes.
  • 2 Advanced Supplementary subsidiary (AS) Level courses may be substituted for 1 Advanced Level Course.

You are expected to present a minimum 'A/B' or 6/7 grade on (I)GCSE, AS and predicted Advanced Level examinations with a minimum of 5 unique subject areas. While consideration will be given to subject prerequisites at the (I)GCSE Level, you are encouraged to present requirements at the AS or Advanced Level. Please note that General paper is not considered an acceptable subject.

Note: In one academic year students generally complete 5.0 credits.

Please contact one of the following associations to request an official (replacement) certificate to be sent to Admission Services when final documents are requested.


Go to: 
  1. Contact Us (on top of page);
  2. Past results and replacement certificates
A confirmation of Results Letter is sufficient.
£43.00 (~ 48€) + courier or postage; 4 weeks processing time. 


Go to:
  1. Support for you: Students;
  2. Replacement certificates
  3. Results for third parties £20
A Certifying Statement of Results is sufficient.
* The service costs £67 per delivery address for hard copy (you can request up to two delivery addresses per application) or £20 per delivery address for email verification. You can apply for one Qualification per application. 20 days processing time. 


Go to:
  1. Exam Admin;
  2. Results;
  3. Priority result info
*Approx. £43 (~ 48€) + courier or postage; 28 days processing time. Priority results app £58.69, same day or next.


Go to:
  1. I want to: Replace a lost certificate;
  2. Learners
*Approx. £47 (~ 49€) + courier or postage; 28 days processing time


Go to:
  1. Site Services (at bottom of page);
  2. Replacement Certificates;
  3. Order Replacement Certificates
*Approx. £40 (~ 42€) + courier or postage; 3 weeks processing time


Go to:
  1. I want to;
  2. Request certificate
*USD$105 + courier or postage of USD$40 for international shipping.

Mauritius Examinations Syndicate - 

Go to:
  1. Services;
  2. Records unit;
  3. Certifying Statement of Results from CIE.

*£43.77 (~ 49€) + courier or postage; 28 days processing time