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Application Instructions

1) A CDN$40 Application Fee is required. Applicants to DVM are required to pay the $40 application fee as well as a CDN$100 supplemental fee for a total of CDN$140. You will be given the option of paying via cheque, money order, credit card or electronic banking.

2) If you have ever completed (or are completing) University of Guelph OpenEd courses while you were not enrolled as a degree student please complete the relevant section under Institutions Attended on the Application Form.

3) If you have attended another post-secondary institution since your last registration at the University of Guelph, official transcripts must be sent directly from the institution(s) to Admission Services. An additional CDN$80 Non-refundable Evaluation Fee is required. If you have completed OpenEd courses through the University of Guelph, the CDN$80 Non-refundable Evaluation Fee does not apply.

4) If you have been required to withdraw you must complete the Online Support Letter outlining the following:

  • explanation for reapplication
  • statement of reasons for past academic record
  • a summary of your activities since your last registration at the University of Guelph
  • the steps you have taken to ensure academic success in the future

5) All students applying to transfer degree programs are encouraged to submit the Online Support Letter, explaining their intentions and interests.

6) If you are deficient in specific required courses, or if you feel that you may not have the average required for admission to the program or specialization which you have chosen, please submit the Online Support Letter.

7) If you currently hold an undergraduate degree you must also submit directly to Admission Services the Supplementary Information Form for Degree Holders.

Please refer to the Admission Deadlines for Internal Transfer Students for more information on application and documentation deadlines.

Co-op Program

Internal Transfer students cannot apply directly to a Co-op Program. Transfer applicants are encouraged to contact the Co-op Education Office for entry requirements into Co-op programs.


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