2018 Liaison Officers

Our Liaison Officers

Say hello to our 2018 Road Warriors!

Each September, recent U of G graduates hit the road, visiting hundreds of high schools across Ontario and Canada. One of them might be coming to your school, so keep your eyes peeled!


Jessie Kennedy

You might recognize Jessie from being the “face” of our social media accounts this past year, or a campus tour guide prior to that; she really is a big deal. She’s always been actively involved in the U of G community; and noted that the memories she’s made are all because of the the people she’s met.

As a student rep for the Bachelor of Applied Science - Child, Youth and Family Studies major, she loved being able to speak to prospective students and their families at campus events. She was also sure to lead them to Creelman Hall – her favourite dining facility!

And this is what encouraged her to become a Liaison Officer; being able to share her passion for everything about the University of Guelph. The vibe here is unlike anything she can describe. She can’t wait to share her knowledge and experience with you, #futuregryphons! 

Free advice: “The best way to learn about all the opportunities a university has to offer is to go on a campus tour and hear from current students. You have to feel it for yourself!”


Ryan Shoot

Ryan was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the graduating class at the Last Lecture, 2016. Afterwards, students who he had never met came up and thanked him for speaking to their most memorable experiences at U of G. And that’s what the University of Guelph is to him; people who bond together through experiences, despite where they come from or where they go in the world.

He graduated from the Bachelor of Arts honours program and was involved in just about everything. From Interhall Council, to the Central Student Association, to snow flag football; Ryan grew to love the “Guelphiness”.

He’s looking forward to showcasing that there isn’t just one route to university. Ryan didn’t take the most conventional one, and wants to help you decide what your next step(s) will be. He can’t wait to speak with all of you future gryphons!

Free advice: “Pick a university that will allow you to grow into the person you want to become. Pick a university that will push you to discover things about yourself. Go to campus, speak with students; because the community will become your home.”


Jess Helwig

You may also recognize Jess’s face, as she’s been a tour guide for the past few years. She’s not a new face to the Recruitment/Admissions’ team! She has spent the past 6 years on campus, completing a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical Sciences, and then a Master of Public Health.

It’s the atmosphere on campus that’s been a highlight to her. U of G is such an energizing and dynamic place to be, which enhanced her overall university experience. Surrounding her were passionate students, and a strong community that was always “buzzing.” Jess became heavily involved in the campus, through volunteering and part-time jobs. Most notably, though, was her experience on an intramural soccer team, “Goal-Post Malone”. What started as a group of strangers; turned into a dedicated team of friends.

Jess changed her program 4 times in university before she found out what worked for her. She wants to share this experience, and bring the spirit and excitement of Guelph to you! She’s looking forward to welcoming in the next generation of Gryphons.

Free advice: “Be open to new ideas and say yes to any opportunities that could teach you something new. When deciding on a university, learning about what you don’t want is just as important as finding out what you do!”



Michelle says that there is just something about U of G that pulls you in, and makes you feel at home. It might be how accessible everything is within the city, or the support you receive from your environment, or how many “thank you’s” you will hear in a day. That bond is something you can’t break.

She played on multiple intramural sports teams, was involved with the work-study program and experiential learning, all while completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing Management. Through this, Michelle’s learned so much about the U of G and that’s why she became an LO.

She’s looking forwarding to helping prospective students navigate their interests and find “their” school. She hopes that’s the U of G, but aims to just make a positive impact on your future through sharing her stories and experiences.

Free advice: “Think about the program, the people and the place you can visualize yourself at. Explore your options, ask questions and think beyond just the next 4 years. This is all about you.”



U of G’s Orientation Week might just be one of the best, and Taylor had a first-hand experience facilitating the events and creating the “boogie”. Don’t know what that is? You’ll have to come here next year to find out.

Taylor’s Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Medical Science, along with her involvement with the Bio-Medical Science Student Association, Learning Services, Project Serve, and Health and Performance Centre; helped her discover who she “was”, as a student, professional and person.

That’s what she wants to share with you on the road. That along with providing you with various programs that fit your interest, Guelph will also help you find yourself – and who you want to be.

Free advice: “Take your time at university, and explore all of the opportunities available! Find what is, and isn’t, for you; you’ll never know until you experience it for yourself.”


Emily Vance

Emily’s extensive involvement throughout her degree is likely why she couldn’t walk away from U of G after graduation. Here’s a small taste of what she got up to: President of the Synchronized swimming club, Student Support Network volunteer, Project Service, Central Student Association’s External Affairs Commissioner, and Orientation Team Member.

Okay, okay, she loves Guelph; but why? The people. The inclusivity. The accepting environment. What more do you need? She graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minoring in Family and Child Studies, and commends the university on the opportunities it provided her.

Combining her love for U of G, with a desire to step outside of her comfort zone, she’s looking forward to getting on the road and spreading the “love”.

Free advice: “Enjoy the ride! As young adults, we just think about getting to the finish line. But the journey is the best part! Get engaged and push beyond your comfort zone.”

John Bosco 

John Bosco KaiKai

John-Bosco (better known as JB) is our new Head Liaison Officer, Secondary School Recruitment. Having graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, with a minor in History, JB jumped onto the recruitment team in 2013. He went on to work with U of G’s English Language Programs, but is back with us and more stoked than ever!

He’s always been involved with the campus, first through the Guelph Black Student Association, then through intramurals. He attributes his involvement to the inclusive community, student support and professors that encouraged him to do so.

When speaking with JB, you can immediately feel his passion for the U of G and surrounding city of Guelph. It was the relationships he built, and the unique experiences, that have tied him here. He wants you to know that education, itself, is a tool to empowerment – but education at U of G is a journey of self-discovery and growth. He can’t wait to play a small part in your journey and educational growth.

Free advice: "Do your research, talk to guidance counselors, attend university presentations, visit campuses, and tour the cities. There isn’t one “best” university – just the best one for you."    


Nicole2018.jpgHaving graduated the University of Guelph in 2001 from the Bachelor of Arts program, with a major in English and Sociology, Nicole has yet to leave the campus!

In her role within the Admission Services department, she acts as both the National and Transfer Recruitment Liaison Officer, and the Admission Counsellor for the Bachelor of Science in Environment Sciences and Diploma in Turfgrass management. Along with remaining on campus for the past 14 years, she also lived on campus throughout her studies working as a Residence Assistant and then Interhall Council executive. Even now, her favourite day of the year is move-in day!

From this, you can easily see her love for U of G and the sincere impact it has had on her life. She is ultimately dedicated to helping students find their perfect university.

Free advice:…read all the important emails the university sends you (I'm wearing my admission counsellor hat with that one), work hard, enjoy your journey, and improve life!”



Natalia is a familiar face around the Recruitment team, having been a Road Warrior a few years ago – and now our official Liaison Officer, Recruitment Events! She’s been welcoming gryphons (and #futuregryphons) to campus since her very first semester on campus as a residence ambassador; and hasn’t looked back!

She has such a passion for the University of Guelph, and that’s what she loves sharing with prospective students and families. And now, she can put that passion into events for you to attend – so you can see why so many people are finding themselves at Guelph (and never leaving).

Natalia can’t wait to see you on campus sometime, and when she’s out on the road. She’ll be sure to tell you all about her experience “boogie-ing” across the football field during o-week. Something you also have to look forward to!

Free advice: "Choose the university that is right for YOU – not where your friends are going, or where your family wants you to go. Find the university you want to call home for the next 4+ years."

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