Our Liaison Officers

Say hello to our 2017 Road Warriors!

Each September, recent U of G graduates hit the road, visiting hundreds of high schools across Ontario and Canada. One of them might be coming to your school, so keep your eyes peeled!


Jade Sachedeva 2

The beauty of U of G is what resonated most with Jade. When you step onto campus, you’re captured by the green spaces and the feeling of comfort. This is why she chose to study a Bachelor of Arts in the Psychology co-op program here at the University of Guelph. She was active on campus as a Peer Helper in the Co-operative Education & Career Services department. Here, she encouraged students through resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews and the job-search process.

On the road, her main goal is to bring Guelph to you. She wants to show you the endless opportunities available to you during your time here, and how well you will fit into our family. She can’t wait to step into your school and share her love for the university with each of you.  

Free advice: “Get involved while in school. Some of my best memories are with the people I met volunteering and helping better the campus community around us.”


Danielle Hopkins

Danielle will forever see herself as a U of G graduate, and commends the university on its collaborative and supportive environment. She witnessed this in the Bachelor of Science program, where she was able to analyze the cause of death for different aquatic species and make case reports for real world fish farmers. She worked closely with her peers, TAs, her professor and the Ontario Veterinary College.

Throughout her studies, she was involved in just about every intramural sport U of G has to offer, where she made life-long friends and future roommates. She also found her passion volunteering within the Pathology labs on campus and taking care of research animals within the OVC.

After completing her Masters of Science (Population Medicine), Danielle believes in the opportunities a good education and a good environment can provide. She hopes to share her story with you, and to give you the opportunity to improve lives; including your own.  

Free advice: “Find a program that speaks to you. Get involved in both extracurriculars and academics so you can network on all levels; you will be surprised by the relationships you will make.”



It wasn’t until Wes left to complete his Master’s that he recognized how unique the offerings are at the University of Guelph. He takes pride in calling himself a U of G Graduate, and the quality of education he received throughout his studies in the Bachelor of Arts program.

Wes’ favourite memories lie in the people he met; seemingly “randoms” that he would interact with in class became friends and colleagues, even as they move on from U of G. The university attracts some amazing people from all corners of the Earth, and he felt privileged to be able to witness this.

He’s looking forward to traveling this beautiful province, and bringing you - young, bright minds - to the University of Guelph. He hopes you gain the same great experience he did, both socially and academically.

Free advice: “Be open to new ideas and cultures. Challenge your own opinions and world view. If you do this, you will grow so much, make amazing friends and be well prepared no matter what you go on to do.”


Sarah Stefoff

The “feeling” of U of G follows you no matter where you are in the world. Sarah felt this firsthand on her semester abroad in India, where she gained a life-changing experience with her peers.

Her time in the Bachelor of Arts program, and her involvement on campus, reiterated that U of G is all about family. Sarah was the VP Academics for the International Development Society, an O-Week Volunteer, a Peer Helper and spent time in the Student Volunteer Connections. The vibrant and green campus, the people you meet, and the opportunities offered always make you feel welcome and more connected.

Being a Liaison Officer was the “ultimate” job for her. She’s looking forward to exploring new areas of Ontario, and interacting with you. Sarah hopes to help make your university decision a little easier!

Free advice: “Visit campus. Do your research. Make the decision that is best for you. Don’t base your decision on where your friends are going or what others are telling you; listen to your heart.”


Ryan Shoot

Ryan was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the graduating class at the Last Lecture, 2016. Afterwards, students who he had never met came up and thanked him for speaking to their most memorable experiences at U of G. And that’s what the University of Guelph is to him; people who bond together through experiences, despite where they come from or where they go in the world.

He graduated from the Bachelor of Arts honours program and was involved in just about everything. From Interhall Council, to the Central Student Association, to snow flag football; Ryan grew to love the “Guelphiness”.

He’s looking forward to raising awareness to the fact that there isn’t just one route to university. Ryan didn’t take the most conventional one, and wants to help you decide what your next step(s) will be. He can’t wait to speak with all of you future gryphons!

Free advice: “Pick a university that will allow you to grow into the person you want to become. Pick a university that will push you to discover things about yourself. Go to campus, speak with students; because the community will become your home.”


Jessica Kennedy

You might recognize Jess from being the “face” of our Snapchat account last year or a campus tour guide; she really is a big deal. She’s always been actively involved in the U of G community; and noted that the memories she’s made are all because of the the people she’s met.

As a student rep for the Bachelor of Applied Science - Child, Youth and Family Studies major, she loved being able to speak to prospective students and their families at campus events. She was also sure to lead them to Creelman Hall – her favourite dining facility!

And this is what encouraged her to become a Liaison Officer; being able to share her passion for everything about the University of Guelph. The vibe here is unlike anything she can describe. She can’t wait to share her knowledge and experience with you, #futuregryphons! 

Free advice: “The best way to learn about all the opportunities a university has to offer is to go on a campus tour and hear from current students. You have to feel it for yourself!”


Nick PankerichanA graduate from the Bachelor of Arts program in 2009, Nick has yet to leave the university campus! The University of Guelph has been his ‘home away from home’, a community that welcomed and supported him from the moment he arrived. He notes that each students' and employees’ pride in making a difference has resonated with him.

After working as a Liaison Officer for a few years, he accepted the full-time position as Head Liaison Officer – Secondary School Recruitment! Along with this, and after playing varsity basketball throughout his studies, he is also entering his 8th year as the men’s basketball teams’ assistant coach. Looks like he won’t be stepping off campus anytime soon!

His passion to guide students and their families through such an important stage in their life emanates in his demeanor and when he speaks about the university. Nick whole heartedly believes that education is our most powerful tool, and working as a Liaison Officer for one of his favourite places (U of G) allows him to ensure students’ find their best educational path.

Free advice: “Make sure you go to as many presentations and ask as many questions as you can!  But most importantly, visit the campus! There is not one best university out there, but there is one best university for you!”    


Nicole Gazzola 2Having graduated the University of Guelph in 2001 from the Bachelor of Arts program, with a major in English and Sociology, Nicole has yet to leave the campus!

In her role within the Admission Services department, she acts as both the National and Transfer Recruitment Liaison Officer, and the Admission Counsellor for the Bachelor of Science in Environment Sciences and Diploma in Turfgrass management. Along with remaining on campus for the past 14 years, she also lived on campus throughout her studies working as a Residence Assistant and then Interhall Council executive. Even now, her favourite day of the year is move-in day!

From this, you can easily see her love for U of G and the sincere impact it has had on her life. She is ultimately dedicated to helping students find their perfect university.

Free advice:…read all the important emails the university sends you (I'm wearing my admission counsellor hat with that one), work hard, enjoy your journey, and improve life!”

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