Our Liaison Officers

Say hello to our 2019 Road Warriors!

Each September, recent U of G graduates hit the road, visiting hundreds of high schools across Ontario and Canada. One of them might be coming to your school, so keep your eyes peeled!


John-Bosco (better known as JB) is our new Head Liaison Officer, Secondary School Recruitment. Having graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, with a minor in History, JB jumped onto the recruitment team in 2013. He went on to work with U of G’s English Language Programs, but is back with us and more stoked than ever!

He’s always been involved with the campus, first through the Guelph Black Student Association, then through intramurals. He attributes his involvement to the inclusive community, student support and professors that encouraged him to do so.

When speaking with JB, you can immediately feel his passion for the U of G and surrounding city of Guelph. It was the relationships he built, and the unique experiences, that have tied him here. He wants you to know that education, itself, is a tool to empowerment – but education at U of G is a journey of self-discovery and growth. He can’t wait to play a small part in your journey and educational growth.

Free advice: "Do your research, talk to guidance counselors, attend university presentations, visit campuses, and tour the cities. There isn’t one “best” university – just the best one for you." 


Ryan graduated from the Bachelor of Commerce program, majoring in Management Economics & Finance. He comments on his experiences in the many case competitions he had the opportunity to participate in; most notably, the Entrepreneurship Challenge in Orlando, Florida where he received a Top 10 overall international finish.

What draws him to U of G is that sense of community everyone raves about, which supports the incredible faculty and students that you get to interact with every day. He found himself involved with the Guelph Student Investment Council, DECA U, many intramural sports teams and the various other volunteer roles he jumped at within the Gordon S. Land School of Business and Economics.

He’s looking forward to heading out on the road to share his love for the U of G with a prospective audience. Ryan wants to show you all of the opportunities available, within extracurricular or academia, and that the feeling on campus is unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Free Advice: “Step out of your comfort zone and take chances! University is time to explore and find where your passions lie.”


Having graduated the University of Guelph in 2001 from the Bachelor of Arts program, with a major in English and Sociology, Nicole has yet to leave the campus!

In her role within the Admission Services department, she acts as both the National and Transfer Recruitment Liaison Officer, and the Admission Counsellor for the Bachelor of Science in Environment Sciences and Diploma in Turfgrass management. Along with remaining on campus for the past 14 years, she also lived on campus throughout her studies working as a Residence Assistant and then Interhall Council executive. Even now, her favourite day of the year is move-in day!

From this, you can easily see her love for U of G and the sincere impact it has had on her life. She is ultimately dedicated to helping students find their perfect university.

Free advice: “ …read all the important emails the university sends you (I'm wearing my admission counsellor hat with that one), work hard, enjoy your journey, and improve life!”


Welcome Katie, a graduate from the Bachelor of Science program, majoring in Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Her favourite memory? When her first year calculus prof took off his shoes, sat on his desk, and made everyone grab the phone numbers of those sitting beside them so we would have someone to study with, if we didn’t know anyone! That’s what we do here, welcome each other’s accomplishments and support.

Her involvement and experience on campus is extensive, but to give you a taste: she was a member of the IHSA equestrian team, a floor representative in her residence, a member on the varsity rowing team, was a Chem*1040 laboratory teach assistant and the VP Communications on the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Student Council. Whew!

She loves speaking to others about topics she’s passionate about, and often finds herself bragging about the U of G – so becoming an L.O was an obvious choice. Katie can’t wait to inspire you to find your interests.

Free Advice: “Make connections from day one. Connect with people in residence, classmates and get to know your professors. You never know what will help you find a job or get involved in a new experience!”


Natalia is a familiar face around the Recruitment team, having been a Road Warrior a few years ago – and now our official Liaison Officer, Recruitment Events! She’s been welcoming gryphons (and #futuregryphons) to campus since her very first semester on campus as a residence ambassador; and hasn’t looked back!

She has such a passion for the University of Guelph, and that’s what she loves sharing with prospective students and families. And now, she can put that passion into events for you to attend – so you can see why so many people are finding themselves at Guelph (and never leaving).

Natalia can’t wait to see you on campus sometime, and when she’s out on the road. She’ll be sure to tell you all about her experience “boogie-ing” across the football field during o-week. Something you also have to look forward to!

Free advice: "Choose the university that is right for YOU – not where your friends are going, or where your family wants you to go. Find the university you want to call home for the next 4+ years."


Hailing from a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, with a minor in Hispanic Studies, Lechelle knows that the “Gryph” spirit runs deep.

When she wasn’t hanging out with the fish in the Hagen Aqua Lab, she was involved with Student Experience, specifically: a program facilitator with START International, a Peer Helper, an OV Team Leader and a co-executive within the International Student Organization. It was within these roles that her Gryphon Pride grew, and now she wants to spread that across the province.

She’s looking forward to talking to you about the U of G, and encouraging you to be open to new experiences.

Free advice: “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Be bold! For every obstacle in your way, there are at least 3 hidden pathways.”


When Sheila first visited campus, she was looking for the Summerlee Science Complex, and got lost. A student on campus noticed, and offered to walk us to where she needed to go. This is the memory that stands out most to her, and highlights her favourite “parts” of the U of G: the community, the inclusivity, the interconnectedness and the support.

Sheila graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Science program, majoring in Family Studies and Human Development, with minors in Psychology and Family and Child Studies. However, her academics didn’t prevent her from fully jumping in to opportunities across campus, such as: peer helping at the Wellness Education Centre, representing her program on the College of Social an Applied Human Sciences’ student council, educating students on sexual health through project serve, representing her program at open houses as a U of G Ambassador and tour guide, and joining the badminton club!

It was at one of the campus open houses where a student approached Sheila to say she was the reason she came to U of G. This is what prompted her to become a Liaison Officer, recognizing that you can make a difference in someone’s life. She is looking forward to answer your anxieties, rid your fears and remind you that this is going to be a “fun” journey!

Free Advice: “Don’t be afraid to change your mind, whether that be regarding your program, your interests or even what you want to do after you graduate!”


Lauren graduated from the Bachelor of Arts degree program, majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, with a minor in Family and Child Studies. Throughout her time at U of G, you would’ve seen her playing in a variety of intramural leagues, volunteering with the Family and Children Services of Guelph and Wellington County, and The Canadian Mental Health Association, alongside playing on a competitive hardball team.

In Lauren’s final year, she travelled to Fiji to help run nutritional workshops and provide fresh water to their local school. She’s always been passionate about ‘helping’, and now she’s looking forward to helping you create your journey. She’s looking forward to speaking with you and your parents to share her experiences, memories and ease any worries you may have.

Look for Lauren as she brings the Gryphon spirit, passion and colours to your school.

Free Advice: “Take advantage of every opportunity possible and be yourself! Now is your time to shine and to not sweat the small things. The sun will always come out tomorrow.”


You might recognize Jessie from being the “face” of our social media accounts this past year, or a campus tour guide prior to that; she really is a big deal. She’s always been actively involved in the U of G community; and noted that the memories she’s made are all because of the the people she’s met.

As a student rep for the Bachelor of Applied Science - Child, Youth and Family Studies major, she loved being able to speak to prospective students and their families at campus events. She was also sure to lead them to Creelman Hall – her favourite dining facility!

And this is what encouraged her to become a Liaison Officer; being able to share her passion for everything about the University of Guelph. The vibe here is unlike anything she can describe. She can’t wait to share her knowledge and experience with you, #futuregryphons! 

Free advice: “The best way to learn about all the opportunities a university has to offer is to go on a campus tour and hear from current students. You have to feel it for yourself!”