COVID-19 Information for International Applicants

COVID- 19 Information for International Applicants

For more details regarding the University of Guelph’s current response to the virus please visit the COVID-19 Information webpage.

The University of Guelph’s International Recruitment and Admissions team is working alongside all departments at the University to make accommodations, where possible, for all internationally-based applicants affected by the COVID-19 virus. 

For any questions not listed below regarding exceptions needed to support your application to the University of Guelph, internationally based students should contact:

From September 10th 2020, all phone lines to the university will become active and available during normal working hours. Please visit the Meet the Team webpages for the appropriate extension numbers. 

Offer Conditions for International Education Systems

The global impact on school systems, examining boards and international curricula around the world means that the U of G International Admissions team will adapt our evaluating and assessment methods to work with what is possible in your area of the world or for your curriculum type. We will accept adjusted assessment methods as determined by the school system, examining boards or international curriculum provider in order to meet our conditions.

In the event that your schooling type is unable to send us final transcripts or exam results by the document deadline, we will consider the documents submitted to date as final and as meeting offer conditions. If you anticipate that you will receive your graduating document but that it won't be available prior to the August 14th, 2020 final document deadline, and you have not received a letter regarding an October 1st, 2020 deadline extension but you will need one, please contact Astrid Morphet, Assistant Manager, International Admission at to book a WebEx appointment. Astrid is also available for anyone to connect with regarding any challenges or concerns you may have regarding offer conditions.

 Below is a brief outline of the international admission practices for "affected students"*

Please note, these practices are constantly being reviewed and may change as we learn more. 

*"Affected students" are any students currently studying in a country where schools/colleges/universities/testing sites have been closed due to the COVID-19 virus. Currently these countries/regions include: Mainland China, SAR China, Hong Kong and Macau, Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Northern Italy, South Korea, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Sindh Province in Pakistan, however this list will be amended as required. Please see full list provided by UK NARIC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the current message from U oG's President about September Classes

A: President's message 

Q: What International Student Support is available for international students studying at U of G this fall?

A: Please visit this International Student Support website for more details including information about our New Funding Initiatives for Fall 2020. 

Q: My school has closed, and I can’t send my transcript(s) to U of G?

A: Please inform us in writing of your situation and list which courses you were finishing in your final year and ensure that we receive all of the relevant documents officially or unofficially that you have access to. Admission consideration may be made on earlier years coupled with a list of specific final year required courses and conditions. If you are eligible for admission, official documents will be required by August 14th, 2020 or a deadline specified in your offer of admission. 

Q: My English exam center is closed currently – what are my options?

A: Duolingo English Test & TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition are currently available and can be used. If you need a conditional offer to give you until August 14th, 2020 to submit a successful test, please contact us by email at We will review applications without the proof of English proficiency and grant offers with both English proficiency and academic conditions. Those students receiving an offer of admission will have until August 14th, 2020 to submit official proof of English proficiency unless further deferrals are requested and approved. 

Fall 2020 Semester ! applicants who have oustanding final year preliminary documents: We are evaluating applications upon request on a case-by-case basis, based on documents received and will offer Conditional Offers whenever possible to qualified “affected students”. If a conditional offer is granted, the students will have until August 14th, 2020 to submit their final official documents (extensions and deferrals may be granted on a case by case basis).

Q: There is a travel advisory for my country – what should I do?

A: Please keep us informed by emailing Astrid Morphet, Assistant Manager, International Admissions at, including the details of your particular situation, your full name and U of G Student ID.  

Q: Can I defer my offer if I cannot travel to Guelph in September?

A: Students are able to defer their offers for 1 year. You will be required to accept your offer of admission prior to the response deadline as outlined in your offer letter, in addition to applying for a deferral by August 14th, 2020. Deferral fees will be waived for “affected students”. Please visit Deferrals for additional information. 

Q: I have general questions about the University of Guelph, who do I need to contact?

A: Our International Recruitment and Admissions staff and students can be reached online through UniBuddy!

Staff are available during business hours (Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm EST) to answer any general questions you might have during this difficult time. Please visit the website, scroll down and click on the “staff tab” to reach us.

Current students are also available and require up to 24 hours to respond to any of your questions about their personal student experience (admissions, programs and majors, residence, employment opportunities, living in Canada, etc). Please visit the website, scroll down and click on the “student tab” to reach them.

Q: Will COVID-19 affect classes starting in September? 

A: The University of Guelph aims to balance our commitment to the health and safety of our campus community with our commitment to academic and research excellence, and an enriched student experience.  We are planning for a “hybrid” fall semester, which means that some courses and activities will be taught and hosted in-person and some will be offered remotely. Students who do not wish to be on campus will be able to make meaningful progress in their programs through remote learning.

Q: How is residence affected by COVID-19? 

A: The number of students living in residence will substantially decrease to accommodate physical distancing. With respect to our residences, only international students and students with special circumstances, such as limited internet access, unsuitable living arrangements for successful studying, or no alternative housing will be considered eligible for on-campus housing. For more information please visit the housing website.

Currently, as per the Residence Contract, the deadline to cancel your Residence Application and receive a $500 refund is July 15, 2020. Please see the housing website for more details on the circumstance under which a full-refund would be possible. 

Q: Where can I find out about registering for classes? 

A: Helpful information will be available in the Registration Guide for New Students and on WebAdvisor once courses are available for registration. The mode of delivery will be clear at the time of registration which we anticipate will be mid-July. 

Q: I have reviewed the program information in the Registration Guide, and I still have questions about what courses I should be selecting. 

A: Refer to the list of Program Counsellors for current contact information.

Q: Will I receive a refund if I begin classes online in September but do not receive my study permit?

A: There are two options for students in this situation. 1) A full refund is granted but your academic record at the university is deleted. 2) No refund but you can retain your academic record at U of G for possible use in the future either at U of G or as transfer credit to another institution. 

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your travel plans or Canadian immigration processes and requirements, please reach out to your International Student Advisors before moving forward with your arrangements. They can be reached at