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Robert Wilson, Bachelor of Science, Microbiology. St. Marcellinus Secondary School, Mississauga, ON.


Explore the brain, the most poorly understood organ in the human body and the source of many disorders and diseases. Further your knowledge of the nervous system. Study contemporary problems and research tools in neuroscience. Structure your program with electives to emphasize aspects of molecular/cellular, behavioural and cognitive, and biomedical neuroscience. Pursue graduate research and related rewarding careers.

You might also be interested in studying PsychologyHuman KineticsMolecular Biology and GeneticsNutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences;  Biological & Pharmaceutical ChemistryBiomedical Toxicology; or select from our other majors.

Sample Careers

  • Public health and policy
  • Biotechnology
  • Neuroethics
  • Neuroengineering

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