Bachelor of Computing

Today's computing technologies extend human knowledge and solve problems in business, science, entertainment and education. The possibilities are limitless for technologies that so closely parallel the way we think, imagine and create.

As a Bachelor of Computing student, you can make your degree as unique as your interests by selecting an area of application, and pushing your thinking and creativity to new levels.

Stand Out in a World of Computer Science Experts

Our Bachelor of Computing degree offers the unique opportunity to study a secondary subject of interest, to which your knowledge in computing will be applied. This Area of Application gives students the knowledge and experience that is comprehensive and desirable to employers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enrol in courses that are driven by the current research interests of our diverse faculty.

Area of Application Examples

With... You Could...
Computing + Biology Work in the field of bioinformatics and support cutting-edge biological research that relies on the speed and accuracy of purpose-built software.
Computing + Psychology Delve into human-computer interaction and study the effects of interface design on usability, or build more user-friendly hardware or software.
Computing + Business Join the ever-expanding world of e-commerce through the creation of an electronic business application or inventory management system.
Computing + You Area Do anything you can imagine!


Estimated Cutoff Ranges

78-82% for all majors.

Note: Estimated cutoff ranges are based on the admission averages from previous years and are provided solely as a point of reference. Exact cutoffs for the current cycle will be determined by the quantity and quality of applications received and the number of spaces available in the program. Co-op averages will often exceed the estimated cutoff ranges.


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