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Sharon Findlay, Bachelor of Arts, European Studies, Italian Studies minor. Avondale Alternative Secondary School, North York, ON.


Discover a fundamental academic discipline. Philosophy pursues questions that have stimulated thinkers in different eras and cultures. How should we live? What do we owe each other? How should we reason, and weigh evidence? What is it to be a person? There are classic answers to these questions, but new ones are always being proposed and debated. Studying philosophy develops skills in reasoning and communication; students develop crucial skills of articulation, critical thinking, intellectual independence, and the ability to understand others' viewpoints and assumptions.

You might also be interested in studying  English; Sociology; Psychology; Classical Studies; or select from our other majors.

Sample Careers

  • Lawyer
  • Business manager
  • Public service
  • Not-for-profit work sector

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