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Sharon Findlay, Bachelor of Arts, European Studies, Italian Studies minor. Avondale Alternative Secondary School, North York, ON.


Discover the past and create the future. More and more, professions and professional schools look for young people with broad training, adaptable skills and clear judgment, rather than a narrow field of training. Our students study a wide range of thematic courses, including: Food History, War and Society, Gender and Sexuality, and Rural History. Our graduates are flexible, intelligent, polished communicators, researchers and problem solvers who follow their passions in business, law, education, civil service, journalism and the arts.

You might also be interested in studying Anthropology; Art History; Classical Studies; European Studies; French Studies; Hispanic Studies; Political Science; or select from our other majors.

Sample Careers

  • Archivist/historian
  • Copywriter
  • Educational consultant
  • Foreign service officer

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