Articulation: Pre-Health Science Pathway Admission Information

If you have completed or are completing a Pre-Health Science Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (MTCU Code: 41599) at an Ontario college, you may be eligible to use this credential towards admission to a degree program at the University of Guelph.

Applicants are highly encouraged to maintain a minimum cumulative average of 75% in the certificate program.

Successful completion of this certificate can be used in lieu of the following Ontario high school courses:

  • ENG4U English
  • MDM4U Data Management
  • SBI4U Biology
  • SCH4U Chemistry

In addition to the minimum cumulative average of 75%, certificate courses corresponding to the above listed 4U courses may also be subject to minimum grade requirements. This minimum grade requirement is subject to the discretion of the admission committee for the degree program to which you are applying, and you are therefore encouraged to contact the admission counsellor for your desired program listed at the bottom of the page

Depending on the program to which you are applying, you may still be required to present proof of successful completion of additional high school courses or approved equivalents, such as MHF4U Advanced Functions, MCV4U Calculus and Vectors, or SPH4U Physics.

Transfer Credits:

Successful applicants are not eligible to receive transfer credits for courses completed in the certificate.

Please Note: Students and graduates of the Pre-Health Science Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas (MTCU Code: 41598) are not able to use that certificate to fulfill any of our admission requirements.

For general information please email:

Admission Counsellors: